Just switching from acoustic to electric and ive always wanted an epiphone les paul but have just found out they dont have a whammy bars.
is it just the gibson les pauls that have these as i have seen les pauls with whammy bars.
for example the guitar player in this video has one....

sorry if this is a really rookie question but if anyone can give me some info on this that will be great
To be hones,t not many have them. Some have whats called a bigsby, which is sort of like a whammy bar i think, but the guitar's like that are usually alot more expensive. personally, i've enevr seen an epiphone les paul with a whammy bar, but if you had the funds you could adapt one. however, i find the les paul is more of a purest guitar, that you have to do the tremelo effect with your fingers instead of an added extra. I use a les paul custom and have never felt the need for a whammy bar
some have bigsbys but not many. some, like the buckethead model do, and there is one model of les paul im pretty sure that has one but is more expensive because of it. not sure if epiphone does, check thier site.

generally, gibson models and copies use a TOM. using a les or SG....well thats just how you play.
there are epiphones pauls with floyds
called pro fx or something like that
Here is another LP in your price range with one.


Also you can mod LPs to have them, but if I were you I would put a Bigsby on one, cause thats just how I am. I love Bigsbys.

Also, the Agile LPs do have Floyds, and Agile does have a very good rep around here. Ive loved every one Ive played.
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The only Epiphones I can think of with Floyds are the Nightfall and the Pro/FX. They're kind of a rip off, your best bet might be to go with Agile from rondomusic.com.

There was a limited run Epiphone last year that came with a Bigsby. It cost around $500, I believe.
Ah, fair enough. Hardly ever look around for guitar's, as to be honest, I love mine. The neck has been snapped (thanks to little brats at school) and then fixed, and it just made it sound better! Weirdly, I get much warmer tones from the neck pickup now. It would seem the glue has made it better :L
wow thanks for all the replys and info. looked at the ones at Rondo's but unfortunately im from the uk so cant get them.
ive seen a couple of the epiphones les pauls with whammy bars but i was thinking now about maybe fitting a stetsbar to this guitar below.....wont mess up the sound to much will it?????
I'm not calling you out or anything. Now you know

I'd advise against a stetsbar. I've only heard bad things about those.
Yeah I know But... I don't see why you'd want a whammy bar on a les paul to be honest. No offence to the Op here, but I just think it's a stupid idea. the tones that you get from a Les Paul are always quite deep, and that just sounds a bit funny when whammied. Like a bass guitar being whammied. To me, it just doesnt sound right...
Why would you want a whammy on a strat? Why would you want a whammy on an explorer? Why would you want a whammy on V?


Some people just want floyd roses, and I'm really not following what you mean about the LP tones being "deep," and sound funny when pulled up and down..
Like, if I play on my friends strat, to me it has a higher kind of sound. Like, if i play the same fret on each guitar, the strat sounds higher and squealier than my les paul, which sounds mellow and deep sounding. On a tele, they have that kind of 'twang' sound for me, and explorer's to me have a sort of... edging on out of this world sound. like... not quite anything else. i dunno. maybe im just messed up. but they all sound good with whammies or floyd roses except les pauls. i wouldnt even want a bigsby. just me i guess!
les with tremolo = joe perry. not to bad with the right application. now a floyd is a it more of an issue. a bigsby is more of a bolt on kinda thing. no cutting wood and all that ugly stuff