So I'm thinking about buying a guitar that would perform well for metal and I came across these two guitars the sl3mg soloist and the kv5fr. Both of these guitars have 24 frets and are neck-thrus. The only major difference (besides the bodies) are that the soloist has emg 81/85 And the king v has seymour Duncan jb and jazz pickups in your opinion which guitar would perform better for playing heavy metal?

Well, some of my favorite bands include: Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera. I will be using a Peavey Vypyr as my amp
Well I prefer passives to actives because passives offer more versatility. I can say that if you're 100% sure you're only going to play mid to high-gain rock/metal then actives should be no problem.

But if you want to delve into cleans passives are better.

ALSO, looking at your amp if it's the solid state version I'd go with passives because I've read that actives + solid state amps = bad. (Never tried it, but that's what people say.)
well, you have the two most popular bridge pickups in metal on those guitars (the 81 and the jb), so both are going to be brilliant for metal. the emg equipped guitar should be better when it comes to higher gain settings (think modern metal) but they will suffer on cleans and lower gain. the duncans will have a better overall capacity, but they certainly wont handle crazy gain levels as well (especially the jazz)

anywho, you're gonna have to try them out. both sets are more than capable of playing metal, but they will sound totally different. try and see which you prefer
No guitar just "performs for metal". Every person has a different preference in guitars. How do you know you like either one?

Try them out, try out other stuff, just go to a store and try stuff. Also, with that amp I strongly suggest passive pickups. It wasn't designed for active pickups, and they'll sound really bad through it.
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