battle your dreams until they leave
your wincing memory cannot believe
the facts at which you are blind
the earth is flat, while you fall behind

turn on the news and watch them lie
take the expressway to the mind
weave through traffic of useless information
be careful not to attract full attention

to the watchful eyes that peer through your thoughts
you seek forgiveness but in the end you are bought
no moral high road, only one less trot
find your compass or else be forgotten

neutrons collide and explode
while your mind collapses and losses control
obedience is their economy
try and fight back, but you will never succeed

wear your tin foil hats, they compliment insanity
try not to let the aliens steal your thoughts
fabrications of the body
they can never be caught

i dont care for the end, i have about 5 different endings but they all suck more so i just went with this one. this is my 4th song so be gentle, but constructive crit is always welcome