Depends on where you're leaving from and where you're going and the method of transportation you chose.
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They charge if it doesn't fit in the overhead, I'm pretty sure. What airline?? I'll send edit with the link of info for Delta/Air France.



Don't check them in ($25 each I believe). Damage is likely. Call the airline and have them specifically arrange a way for you. They told me I could take my guitar, but had to pay the fee for baggage, yet they would keep it in the cabin.

Your options:
1)Fits in carry-on (unlikely)
2) Pay $25 for them to take into cabin.
3) Buy separate ticket for them, which is expensive, but they won't get damaged.
4) Pay $25 and check them in with baggage. Don't be too surprised if they have some damage.

It's a shitty system tbh.
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Almost all US based airlines likely will charge you for extra baggage now (heck, some of them even charge for only one bag now). I don't know about other countries. Assuming you're talking about flying somewhere?

Edit: If you fly Delta it's $25 per bag too, f***ing cheapskates.
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