I'm sure it's real, but looks like either a really odd model or someone did a bad renovation.
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I don't know much about old LP but i would seriously check if that's a real gibson.
Parts in Question:
Electronics (only 2 pots?)
Pickups (never seen a lp without humbuckers or p-90's)
Switch placement ?
Electronics backplate?
Truss Rod cover?
Inlays (not sure about this)?
Paint Job?
That looks like a dual pick-up Les Paul melody maker.

Edit: I could be wrong though, the headstock seems differant to meloday maker one.
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Based on the headstock it looks like an older ltd run model. I think.
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its missing the tailpiece and looks like shit, it was probably stolen
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Well I'm not going to buy it, but I sent him an email for a serial number and more pics.

Hopefully I'll have an email by tomorrow.
I don’t remember ever seeing a guitar like that in the 1990s, so it it’s legit, I would love to know more.
"Les Paul Studio Lite in Ebony finish 24 frets with tune-o-matic/stopbar (some came with KB-X tailpiece tremolo system licensed by steinberger) in Nashville, Tennessee in 1988.
Made for one year only and available in ebony, white and a very 80's "Nuclear Yellow."
Carved maple top, mahogany back and neck thru body.
The Humbuckers are called Sidewinder in the neck position and L-8 in the bridge position 9listed on retail guide as 1HB 954 AND 1HB 958.)
Suggested retail price according to the release it came with was 974.25 US dollars, or 1154.24 US dollars with vibrola/tremolo system."
custom paint job but that thing would look sick with a pair of p90s
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that thing is really really cool!
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Thank's for the info.

Unfortunately, the guy who posted the ad still hasn't gotten back to me, but now that I know it's not fake, it's a pretty cool guitar.