hello ppl

i have a question

im playing guitar(electric) for more then 2 yeras

but i have not learn any guitar scales?

so now what to do should i start from the beginning and learn beginners scales?

cuz i dont wanna waste another 2 years.

p.s:iplay shredding solo(kinda) and i dont suck at guitar.
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Quote by salgala2000
How do you "shred" without scales?
And learn your modes and pentatonic scales.

actully its not a real shredding
Lol... just google "scales guitar" and you'll sureley find something that shows you tons of scales, learn that and try to identificate them in the songs you play. Use your Brain!





I learned the most basic pentatonic scale there was. I never could focus long enough to learn anymore music theory.
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you gotta start with the simple scales. learn your basic major/minor/pentatonic shapes. even learning the "beginner" scales is going to help your playing dramatically!

also, you could learn your triad spellings from memory (takes a while, but its totally worth it when you want to do some tapping)
Quote by salgala2000
How do you "shred" without scales?
And learn your modes and pentatonic scales.

I shred, and I don't have any scales memorized. They're just a pain in the ass. Yeah, it's cool to know how and why certain note combination work, but it's a hell of a lot easier for me to just use my ear. I know what notes sound good together, and I know when I should use full step and half step intervals... just from playing.
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I'm in the same boat, but it's never too late. I fully intend on concentrating more on scales and theory and the circle of 5ths, but it really isn't as much fun as just finding a tab and rolling with it.

FWIW, I have a friend who is releasing his 4th CD, and I asked him to tab out some of his music so I could learn it, and he had no idea what I was talking about, he told me he has never written anything down. I also told him that I was deficient in theory and he said "So what? If you are learning and playing, theory becomes intuitive."
Quote by hashoom
so i dont have to learn any scale?

LOL, I'm not giving you advice on how to be a guitarist, I'm pretty rank myself. Anything you can do to improve your knowledge of music and technique on the instrument is beneficial, I'm merely submitting that there are successful musicians that haven't had the formality of that. I'm pretty much in this for my own amusement, for my own joy. I have no aspirations of becoming a paid musician, so I can do what I want as long as I'm happy with my progress. It's just a hobby. If you are playing and planning on improving to a point of professionality, I would recommend that you do learn everything that you can, because while it might not be necessary, it certainly can only improve you as a musician..
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I would seriously learn some scales. It will help your guitar playing immensely. If you have trouble starting off, I would suggest taking a class. They all teach scales and more advanced stuff.

What helped me was learning all the Mode shapes, then I learn the modes in the pentatonic form. Next I learned other things like the natrual minor scale, melodic minor and harmonic minor scales. A fun thing to go is to learn exotic scales. And last won't really help you but learning the segovia scales.
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