I have a fender hot rod deluxe 40w tube amplifier. The tubes are charred and 2 of them make broken lightbulb sounds when I shake them. My amp has 2 6L6 tubes are 3 of the smaller ones (i think preamp?) I literally know nothing about tubes so can someone advise me on new tubes to get, I'm not rich so I don't want top of the line expensive ones, but I don't want really shitty ones either so any help is appreciated.

The tubes that are in it are:

2: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Groove-Tubes-Gold-Series-GT-12AX7-C-Preamp-Tube-101178184-i1125609.gc (theres a 3rd one that looks like these except without a label, slightly farther away from the other 2)

2: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Groove-Tubes-Gold-Series-GT-6L6-GE-Matched-Power-Tubes-219163-i1125742.gc (except they say fender on them, im guessing they are the ones that came with it when the guy i bought the amp from bought the amp in 2001 )
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Look up the specs for your amp and it will tell you which tubes you need. It's more thsan likely 12ax7 preamps and the 6L6. Try this place

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Yeah the specs are 2 6L6's and 3 12AX7's. How do I decide which tubes to get? What does matched mean? What are balanced triodes? What does low noise and microphonic mean? Is there like a standard combination of tubes that most people use? How do I decide???
Basically don't buy the cheapest tubes you see. Groove Tubes, RUby, JJ, Tung Sol, Sino, Penta, Mullard, Sovteck, etc will be fine.

Matched means the pair of tubes (or quad) have been viewed and documented as having a similar parameters. Often times, the closer these are to each other - the better the amp will perform. Don't go overboard on matched preamp tubes...that doesnt' mean much. Just focus on matched power tubes.

Microphonic means the preamp tube has died basically. This happens. Most of todays production tubes last 1 - 5 years generally speaking.

Choosing preamp and power tubes can be daunting. Check out the recommendations based on a similar amp of yours using dougstubes, tubedepot, thetubestore, eurotubes, hotroxuk, etc. Typically you can email these guys with what you have now and what you would like to change about your amp tone.