Thanks for the crit, sorry it took a little while to get back to you

Well the intro is quite interesting, i like the first two bars, kind of a weird feeling, but i dont like the other 2 bars. the backing guitar does its job and just makes the song sound better, but the bass is really lame. you could spice it up a bit. The acoustic solo is ok, not to much to say there. The verse, again, has some good background to it to make it sound more full. now the bass here is cool, it also gives it that weird feeling. The chorus is a nice change of pace and gives the song a bit of variety. then the verse. then another ok solo. then the chorus. The bridge section is really cool, but really doesnt fit the songs mood at all. well that's about it for this one.

Overall it's an interesting song and has some cool parts, and for the most part flows very well, no choppy transitions, but the bridge should be changed.