A friend was over playing my old Ibanez AG75 BS. It was laying against a couch and fell down. I checked the guitar and noticed that one of the humbuckers was tilted. The side closest to the bridge was tilted down maybe about 20 degrees in relation to the strings. And the other one was fine. I never really payed attention to the guitar for a long time so I couldnt remember if this is normal or not. Is this how its supposed to be or not? And if not how do I fix it?

ACH series humbucker.
Thats normal.
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Most humbuckers can move back and forth in their rings. Move it around and see if it makes a sonic difference. It's not bad or anything, it might sound slightly different. If you don't like it, move it back so that it's level. It's not a big deal.
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Do you mean like with one side closer to the strings, or one side it tipped closer to the neck?
If it's the latter then it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Jagstangs have the humbucker tilted, and while some people say it makes a small difference to the sound most say that you can't even hear a difference from guitars with straight angled humbuckers.
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