Well my ol' Acoustic was nearing the end of its days as the speakers were beginning to be strained whilst jamming with a group of friends and couldn't handle the low B. I looked over the net for a suitable replacement that wouldn't break the bank as uni books and other expenses need to be looked after......I then found this:

It's a Trace Elliot Commando 15, made in the UK during the 90's. Rated by Trace at 150/300, I think it falls around a 250W peak but having said that the sound from the amp is absolutely huge. It does have that 'transparency' that Trace is known for, the 15inch speaker handles the low B incredibly well. This amp in particular has been put through its paces in a live setting, the previous owner playing all genres from hiphop, ska, rock and funk. I find it particularly easy to find a specific tone for most genres though.

The controls are a bit hard to read from the second picture but they read from left to right, PASSIVE INPUT ACTIVE INPUT EFFECTS LOOP: SEND + RETURN BASS DEEP SWITCH MID MID SHIFT TREBLE BRIGHT SWITCH VOLUME

The only issues I have with it would have to be the lack of a decently sized EQ, I will be buying a eq pedal that would help me dial in the 'perfect' tone I'm looking for.

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Hmm ive never liked these amps except i love trace elliot. But HNAD and i hope it gives you hours of pleasure.
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Happy new amp day dude. From looking around the Aus used market for ages there seems to be alot of good, cheap used stuff in WA.
Trace Elliot amps are fantastic. happy bassisng.
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