Hi i built this pedal from this layout, http://smallbox.zeonhost.com/projects/lpb1/index.html
when i turn it on and play in it, the pedal works, but if i turn the knob all the way to 0 my signal cuts off, no sound out my amp, is this how a lpb1 booster works? it doesnt seem to give much boost unless the knobs turn at least 3/4s of the way.
Any ideas to why?
When it is at 0, it is completely grounding the signal, working like a volume knob, so yes, that's normal.


what transistor are you using, and are you sure youve got it the right way around?

like monkey said, turning it all the way to zero is supposed to cut off the signal. but on the lpbs I've built, i dont have to turn up the knob that much for unity gain..I usually get unity at like, 10 o clock