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I got a vintage 60's Fender Mustang that was stripped and varnished and I was wondering if I should get it refinished to its original color.

Would this make the guitar worth less?
Would this do anything to the sound?
What made you decide to strip it? Or was it already stripped and varnished when you came into possession of it?

I would have it professionally repainted to its original color. But that's just my opinion.
I'm not an expert on how much it would alter the value but it shouldn't do anything to the tone or the way it plays.
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It came stripped like I said in my first post which is probably why I was able to buy it for a few hundred less.
i think you should refinish it, it will give a new life to the guitar!
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Well if you're planning on reselling it because you don't want it then just sell it for what you bought it for and let the next guy worry about painting it. I'd imagine you'd spend the money on the paintjob then sell if for the same price you bought it.

If you like it, then do what you want to it, who cares what it's value is? It's your guitar.
If it's already been stripped once then refinishing it again won't deminish its value any less.
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