So, I might be able to scrape up about 200-300ish dollars to buy my friends Ibanez 5 string btb. he told me that he has it, and I WILL try before I buy, but I just want to hear what might be right/wrong with the bass, since the only way that I can afford to get it is if I sell my 4 string ESP to guitar center and hope to get at least a 60% rate. So, yay or nay for this bass?
I like them.
They're big and bulky so you might want to hold it a little lower, around stomach area, when standing up.
I like them for jazz because you can get some pretty sick tones out of it.
Depending on which one you get, they're really nice.
Mine was decent, but he newer ones are so much better.

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i play a five string btb705dx and it's great, really versatile, I use it for everything from funk jams, to playing with my metal band. the EMGs that came with mine are great as well. really comfortable, just make sure you're a fan of the ibanez necks, it's quite thin.
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I owned a BTB 755, and really liked it. It had a very big sound, roll on the neck pickup and youve got a beautiful setting and the brdige is just funky. The eq is very powerful and ownly needs little adjustments especially the bass which is set really low so you get a lot of power from it. I would go for it if i were you.
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I own a BTB775 I practically use it for everything i play from jazz to metal it does equally well. Though it's bulky and if you haven't play 35" scale neck it's going to a bit of stretch.
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