So im really interested in creating industrial music like NIN. I also would like to make LMFAO type music for shits n gigs with my friends. Where do i startÉ what do i needÉ btw É`s are question marks but i have a bilingual keyboard and accidently turned the accents on and don`t know how to get them off
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You want to look into programs that heavily supports things like loops, soft synths, soft samplers and stuff.

You might also want to look into some hardware synths too.

What is your budget?

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Research DAWs, plug-ins and hardware (if desired).

Pretty much every well-known DAW has plug-in support (Except Reason), so that will allow you to get soft-synths, samplers and effects etc. into your production. You can find plug-ins and samples both for free and at a cost, so it depends on what you want.

If you want to incorporate guitars and other instruments there is plenty of relevant information in the Recordings & Riffs forum.

And if you're still completly lost after looking about, the UG electronic label thread is a good place to ask questions.