I'm dying to learn how to play the songs off of The Roots's new album How I Got Over. Amazing album and band. Make sure to check them out.
Hey not gonna make a tab for it but ill tell ya the chords progression.
Bbm Cm Fm Gm Ab Cm
Root notes on the low E string
6 8 1 3 4 8. So you strum out the first two and then when you get to F its when the ascending riff starts up. Sounds good if you just rock out the power chords. Get funky with the rhythm! Awesome song, hope this helps. Solo in Fm pentatonic or F blues scale. Also if your playin the power chords trying playing them without the fifth. so itd be like
8 10 3 and so on. Gives kind of a cool sound to it.
x x x
6 8 1