Hello friends, I'm new to this forum.
Can anyone advise me please what other guitar makes and models would be very close in feel, especially the neck profile and neck to body proportions (the SG form is not the ultimate factor here) to G-400?

I recently got this guitar and found the neck profile extremely comfortable. Some may find the neck thick and bulky but to my taste it's perfect. So what other makes I can look at for a similar feel?
When it comes to neck "feel", really the best thing you can do is go out and try different guitars. What a neck "feels" like is perceived differently by everyone who uses a certain guitar.

That being said, newer Les Pauls (both Epiphone and Gibson, mostly Gibson) seem to be slimming their necks down a TINY bit, which perhaps makes them closer to the SG. Strats have nice medium profile necks also, smaller than the Les Paul. PRS guitars have nice sized necks...

Basically stay away from TEH SHREDZORZ (am I metal yet?) guitars like most Ibanez guitars with Wizard necks and you'll be fine.
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Nearly every Epiphone guitar has the same neck profile. Go to their site, check out their guitars - unless they specify a different neck profile, you can assume the guitar you're looking at has the same neck as the G-400.

The next closest neck to those would be a really old Telecaster neck or the current Gibson '50s neck. PRS's fatter neck is also somewhat similar.
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Thanks guys, I just want to refine my question a little by saying that I of course absolutely agree that the only way to 'feel' the guitar's neck is to go out and try it. Since I'm not very familiar with many brands I want to get some advice from you to limit my search and to know what direction I should be heading to. Besides some makes can be rare locally and in that case I can rely on your opinion.
alot of deans that i've played/owned (don't shoot!) have a very similair neck profile to the g400
Look at the Wilshire Custom. It is a bit cheaper then the SG and a Epiphone original.

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Look at the Wilshire Custom. It is a bit cheaper then the SG and a Epiphone original.

.........and has a very thin neck, too