hey guys. anyone of you knows how to hide your pick when playing? usually in a situation like..first, you're strumming some chords. then, there's some fingerpicking.
any tips?
have a pick holder on your guitar, strap, or mic stand, then just throw away your pick when you need to.
Um, have the pointy end closest to the strings.

When you want to finger pick, you can hold the pick in the back of your hand. I wedge it between my pointer and index fingers. Or, you can pick and use your fingers at the same time. George Harrison did this occasionally.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Hold it between your lips, like I am to type this post. xD

That is if you have time to get it up to your mouth (like what Joe Satch does when playing the long tapping run in Satch Boogie)
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Throw it away and get a new one from the pick holder on the mic stand? Kiss-style (Gosh, these lunatics in black n' white makeup throw away a 100 pics each during a night...)
If the fingerpicking part dosent require all 5 fingers you could hybrid pick it
depends how many fingers it require. you could continue to hold the pick but pluck the strings with your free fingers. experiment with this.

or what i do is i quickly put the pick in my mouth and grab it out again when needed. if you dont have much time to do this, i put it in my mouth beforehand, continue to strum with just my hand, and i do the same after the section is over until i have a chance to grab the pick from my mouth again