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For me, I was in HS band class and our teacher gave us a piece called Vesuvius by Frank Ticheli. I didn't realize it at the time, but this paved the way for my love of progressive music and odd time signatures. Looking back, I wish I had realized what a huge impact that one piece was going to have on me, even after several years.

Here it is, if anyone wants to take a listen:

So pit, how did you get into your current style of music?
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this wonderful site full of tabs and other music related things
i cont remember the name atm
my mom, her boyfriend, randomly picking things out at record stores, KMEL Jams and Live 105.
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8 years ago i was listening to eminem.
then linkin park came, it all started with them. in 8 years things have changed, but everything i listen to now, all started with linkin park (hybrid theory).
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Sum 41 blink 182 New Found Glory - Rancid Streetlight Manifesto Reel Big Fish Wolf Parade - Alesana Chiodos The Devil Wears Prada A Sklit Drive Underoath - Brand New Manchester Orchestra Bring Me the Horizon Chelsea Grin Lydia- Panic at the Disco Fall Out Boy The Human Abstract Between the Buried and Me All Time Low Mayday Parade - Incubus Pierce the Veil Taking Back Sunday

And I still listen to all of those bands!
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When I heard the intro to Painkiller, I was blown away

That saved my musical life
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Linkin Park started it all. Back in '03.

They were actually the first "rock" band I ever listened to.

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My blog actually, that's the way I found out that not all electronical music is shit.

And also, my mum for buying me Nightwish and Sonata Arctica CDs.
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The fact I have no social life and spend my time lurking the Metal and Mod Rock Forums.
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Tony Hawk pro skater 2 got me into punk. Triple J's Short fast loud got me into Hardcore and I got myself into more progressive forms of Hardcore
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Well, when I was like, 5 or something, my sister (Who 10 at the time) used to listen to a lot of Green Day and KoRn. So, I started listening to Green Day and a little bit of KoRn. Over the years I started to get into metal and then Prog. So now I listen to Yes, Tool and Dream Theater... And my sister listens to Video Game music and JPop.
The band I'm listening to now, Our Lady Peace. Wrestling introduced me to their music and I bought "Gravity". After that, I've just been intrigued with the rock genre.
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My disillusionment with what was passing for music. Basically all of my friends listened to rap music, and all the girls with the boy band crazy, music seemed like it started to fade away to these contrived computer generated beat songs i wanted to get as far away from that as i could wher music and people who could actually play an instrument still mattered....enter blues guitar for me.
Ummm. I listen to a lot of everything, but if you mean how I came across the stuff I've been listening to recently, the answer is simple. I took a lot of drugs.
absolutely no joke , Guitar Hero 3 and Green Day

(commence flame war)
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My dad was bored one day and so was I so he said "Lad, let's go find some music" I replied "Music? well-uh, guess we could, ya know I don't listen much to music..." and he said "Of course, that's why we have to find you some music" and then he went to youtube and found de Back In Black video from AC/DC and I think my life changed with that riff because two weeks later I was playing guitar.
Ak10 that's the way I feel now lol! Long live blues!
But anyway, I used to be a big indie fan, i saw a cover of my favorite bands song walking with a ghost, by tegan and Sara, by none other than the white stripes, and hated it. Then a friend told me they could do better so I started listening to them, no I pretty muc only listen to blues/rock/psych/folk stuff
Maybe it was Enter Sandman
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My parents. They introduced me to a huge load of great bands, and now I'm introducing them to all kinds of new great bands.
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I took guitar lessons when I was 5, then quit because I could barely play due to the fact that my hands were too small to fit around the guitar and also because couldn't be bothered to practice; I was too busy playing N64. My dad would always blast Ozzy in the house when I was 6 or 7 years old. I heard Crazy Train in 4th grade and REALLY listened to it and loved it. Then when the original guitar hero came out, I played Iron Man on there and instantly I wanted to learn how to play that on real guitar and ended up playing it for the 5th grade talent show at my school. That's how I came to love metal today. It's also really cool because me and my dad listen to the same kind of music and we enjoy it together and he takes me to a lot of concerts.

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first started with metallica, iron maiden, judas priest, then it went to children of bodom, dimmu borgir, norther, and onwards later it somehow mutated into fleshgod apocalypse, benighted, and blood red throne.

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My dad got me listening to a lot of 80s bands. Other than that it's pretty much been "this album looks cool, maybe I should get it"
My dad (80's Rock) and some friends of mine (60's rock and old blues)
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