Feeling a bit inspired again. Back again with another Poem aspiring to be a song, haha. Any and all critiques will be accepted. Thanks again.

"I Was Afraid of Ghosts"*

All these feelings have come and gone
All these memories and mistakes*
I've been here and have repent
Now you tell me what I did wrong
And I'll know if it was time well spent

I didn't think I'd stoop to your levels
I've overcome these trials
I'm here to say that
Although these walls were made impossible to scale,
Shit, I've prevailed.

I won't lie to you
I'll live with this regret
But despite all this torture
Underneath this trauma
You'll be the last person I'll forget

Just like I'll be the last person you'll want to see,
I hope you're the person you want to be.
This is the last time,
I've been set free.