Fender Strat or tele sounds about right, try get the american versions but im not sure if youd make budget or not.
There's a few les paul Junior versions, check the neck on them. Well I see Johnny got his tone from P90's. For 1500$ you could find a LP goldtop with a thinner neck with P90's. Also, for 1500$ there are lots of possibilites. Have you tried a used PRS on Ebay?
You can also get a telecaster with P90's or humbuckers.

Here's some examples
http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Jim-Adkins-JA-90-Telecaster-Electric-Guitar-105128425-i1427132.gc (If you can ignore the guy whose signature it is...)



edit: Classic player series fenders are amazing guitars.
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Get yourself a nice Tele or Les Paul (or even a Strat, you should like them!). Easy.
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Holy crap, check this out!
PRS is the other thing I would say, but theyre usually pretty expensive...
Jim root from slipknot uses a tele, if he can thicken one up like that I assume its doable?
Also, the new les pauls have shaved a fair bit off the neck (the 09/10 models)
If you dont like either of those, maybe look into an ibanez s series, theyre cheaper, pretty reliable and are insanely versatile.
What shapes do you like?
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