I have a unknown humbucker cap... costs like 30$
My audio interface is Jamlab (M-audio).

I really enjoy using VST so I can get almost any tone I want without having to spend much money.

Here's an example:

What you guys think I should buy to get a better sound out of my guitar?
A ~250$ cap (only one) or ~250$ interface?

I just want to get a nice sound (metal like), I am not gonna record anything.

ps: I'm just using the computer
Guitar >> USB INTERFACE >> Notebook >> VSTs

By the way, what's the deal with Interfaces with preamps ? Is it much better?

If I do this setting with a 200$ amp I have:
Guitar >> Amp >> USB INTERFACE >> etc...
Will it have the same effect as those "Interfaces with preamps" ?

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I think the new pickup would help, but, going off the "good guitar through bad amp sounds bad, bad guitar through good amp sounds good" way of thinking, I reckon a better interface and maybe better VST software would help you. As you said in your other post, you have good headphones, so the interface would most likely help you more than new pickups.
I'm assuming that you would probably, someday, like to play your guitar away from your computer and have it sound good... maybe going to a friend's house to jam or something. And you said you're not going to record anything.

Given that, I would personally invest more in the guitar than in an interface.

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Well, I'll someday want to record my own albums and stuff...
I play guitar for 4 years, and as I'm in college, I kinda don't have much money.
In the future, when I have my own job, I'm definitely gonna spend some thousand in this =P

The sound I already have, I like it. But the sound I recorded, are just riffs.
My main problem is getting a nice solo sound. I can't get it anyhow. The notes sound very, very dry... I use VST for like 1 year and half.

It's impossible to make palm muted sound good in the last frets.
Same for hammer-ons or pull-offs...

Thats probably because of low gain caps I have right?
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