So basically I bought two pieces of alder body blanks for my school project build but turns out i just needed 1. So now I have a spare to mess around with. Tell me what shape to make :P It's gna be a bolt on even tho I'm not a huge fan of it. Right now I'm thinking of a super strat with a huge bevel cutaway on the body
Make a copy of an Ibanez RGD or RGA, they look amazing, imo
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Design your own!!


But otherwise something like an old 80s Fender Performer.
Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
Wanna give it to me? Or, better yet, make me a body? RG, whatever the reason.
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Explorer, and then sell it to me .
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Explorer, and then sell it to me .

I actually want to make an Explorer. The wood aint big enuf to cut one right out so will hav to cut n paste sum parts :P
Mattocaster/Manson bomber, then post it it me.
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Strat/Super Strat shapes are boring.

Do a Firebird No one ever builds those.
I would say something like a Flying V or Randy Rhoads offset V. Always liked those. Or and Ibanez Destroyer? Those are awsome.
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dude. make a JACKSON KELLY!!! its like an explorer but with super fret access and its super sexy. or like start out with the explorer shape and kind branch off that to make a sexy variation?