Ok so I broke out the ol' Little Giant the other day (haven't used it in well over a year) and realized that if I don't get new tubes soon, it's gonna crap out.

My question, since I know next to nothing on tubes/valves, is what tubes would be best to replace the ones in this 5 watt class A head. It uses 1 12AX7 pre-amp, and 1 EL84 power.

I want a good sound, but not too expensive.
that's what i did, took the backpanel off, and ended up breaking a tube.

Get JJ for both the tubes if you wanter a darker gainier saturation - the blackheart is a bright amp, imo the JJs fit in well.

you could also pop in NOS Phillips or Mullard tubes but they cost more, you can get them for pretty good off Ebay.

I hear some people like using a 12AT7 for their amp, some even prefer 12AU7 tubes.
just remember the AX7s have the most gain, then AT7s then AU7s.
Yea I was thinking about JJ's, but where could I get those in-store? The only thing near me is a Guitarcenter and a Sam Ash.

How are Electroharmonix? GC has those, and I would prefer to get them in-store.

edit: Nevermind that, not as much to pick from then I thought.

I may just suck it up and buy online. I'm going to GC today, so I'll see what's in stock.
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Yea I was reading the Tube thread and apparently the NOS tubes last 30 years That would be convenient

One last question to keep hope for buying them in-store lol. How are the Tungsol ones? Online they have a good looking 12AX7, but no EL84, so if they are good and affordable, what should I get rather than an EL84?
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Tung Sols are nice, I tried one in my preamp and like them a lot. However, like Styker said, the BH5 is a bright amp, so a dark tube like a JJ makes sense also. For the poweramp, JJ all the way.

If you don't mind paying a couple dollars extra, get a Tung Sol and a JJ for the preamp to try out and see which you like better (plus, having a spare tube is always good), along with a JJ for the power amp.

Buying tubes online is no problem, really. Most people do it, because getting stuff in-store is difficult. I don't have experience with US distributors though, so I can't recommend any.
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Ok thanks guys. I'll buy the JJ's online since they cost less. How long does it usually take for them to be delivered, does anyone know?