I have an Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty. All the hardware is gold plated and it's pretty classy. I will be upgrading to a Gibson Les Paul Traditional within a few weeks. However, that comes with chrome hardware, which I'm not too keen on. I was thinking about switching the hardware from the epi to the Gibson. Do epiphone use the same hardware from their higher end les paul's as Gibson? Cuz I don't want to do it if the hardware's all cheap copies. And would I be able to do this myself or would it be best to get a shop to do it?
That would be silly, of course the epi has lower quality hardware. It's a budget guitar no matter how end in the company it is. You can't get the LP traditional with gold hardware as far as I know unless you buy the parts yourself, which would cost a lot of money.
Yeah, as much as I think Gibsons are over-priced, and that Epi's are still good guitars, Gibson stuff is higher quality. ( Just not $2000 higher quality). If you really want good gold hardware you can always buy the parts, but they can be pretty expensive. The Epi hardware isn't total junk, its still very much use-able, but the Gibson stuff would be a little bit better. I'd go with some aftermarket tuners though, I'd do that even if I was just trading parts between Gibsons. As for doing it yourself, it depends on how good you are with this kind of thing, and how much money. If you have the money, I'd get it done in a shop, because you know you're going to do a good job there.
You will find that epi gold hardware the finish will come off pretty quick. Best to just stick with the chrome stuff.