Hey UG
I am planning on buying a Blackstar HT-5 amp with a TS-7 so i can play metal and i have a few questions.
I play mostly at home, say 80% of the time, would this give me a nice metal tone (think disturbed/a7x) and the lower volume?
Also, i play with a drummer, and occasionally, a full band. Would i be able to use the emulated output into my friends Cube 30 on the JC Clean channel, and have nice tone? Just boost the volume? Are there any other ways to boost the volume? He uses an electric kit, so lots of volume isnt always necessary, as he can turn himself down.

Thanks all.
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Yes, i play it mainly at low volumes and with an OD it will do that kind of metal easily.

I don't think it would sound very good, if your drummer is using an electric kit the ht-5 shouldn't have a problem getting over it