So I'm doing some overseas moving next May and was wondering if any UGers have any general tips or advice. I've never made such a big move and I'm sure some of you have some experience with this. Take note that I've got dual citizenship and speak the language of the country I'm going to.
Good luck
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Parade around with your pants down to show them who's the new boss!

Learn the subtilities of the local culture, so you won't look like the guy who doesn't know what he's doing!
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Sao Paulo, Brazil no need for anyone to mention the violence. I know.

i wasn't going to.
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bring lots of underwear. in case you cant do laundry for a few weeks.

if you have clean underwear you dont need clean pants
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Have like , 5 grand in your savings account to prove to that government you can provide for yourself

Sry: you've got citizenship
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Sao Paulo, Brazil

no need for anyone to mention the violence. I know.

You do know how violent it is there right?...wait...

Well just, try not to stand out or make a name for yourself when you get there. Try and be friendly with neighbours and generally just be kind and likeable.
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beware that your body may not take to the local water very nicely... i have no idea what it would be like in brazil but you dont want to be caught of guard...
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