I´m thinking about to buy one of the two. But I´ll not have a chance to try them...

So who had experience the two, what are your thoughts about it?

I think the blackstar would be more versatile, due to the reverb and loop fx...

Have they the same amount of gain?

I didn't like either of them. The voicing on the HT was very nasal and it felt like a small amp. The DT had no depth to the sound at all and was voiced very poorly IMO.

What sorts of music are you going to be playing, and what's your budget like? Why are you looking at 20 watt amps?
get an orange rocker 30 instead.


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I play as a hobby, in studio with band and home practice... eventually I will do smalls gigs. Because of it, I´m considering to buy a small tube amp...

We play classic rock, hard, eventually old metal...
The dual terror is incredible, as long as you have a good guitar with good strings and a good cab, there will be plenty of depth. It's killer for classic rock, hard rock, and non-death metal all without an OD pedal.
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I don't know how the DT compares to the TT, but I play clean stuff, post-rock, and all kinds of -core genres on it. With high-output pickups (I use EMGs) you don't need a boost to play heavy stuff.

I'd maybe wait for the Thunder 30 though. Same-ish price, same-ish specs with an added fx-loop.
Maybe check out the Jet CIty amps.
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Orange Rocker 30 is more what you want imo
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Quote by Jak Archer
Maybe check out the Jet CIty amps.
If you're not interested in a clean channel (you can attain clean sounds, but they're not dedicated to being prestine or bright) or an FX loop, I strongly suggest the Jet City 20H over all of the amps listed in this thread.

It's no offence against the Orange Rocker 30, but it's not entirely the most rounded amplifier. It has stark qualities to it that some just cannot appreciate - and understanbly so.

The Blackstar is as Roc8995 suggested - very nasally and bland. I have no idea why so many people like the HT range from Blackstar. That's just my opinion.