I am trying to figure out the tab for the first 50 seconds of Eddie Van Halen's solo from Pensicola...the part where he plays Close Encounters. Just hit youtube and type in van halen pensicola solo.

I am usually pretty good at figuring out tab/music by ear....but this is just seeming to get the best of me.

If you can, check that part of his solo out....It sounds so smooth and melodic. I know it is a 2 handed technique, but a fast one, like eruption or hot for teacher, etc. Slow, even, great tone....

Can you help? If you have questions about which vid or section I am talking about, just email me.

Would appreciate if someone could transcribe that tab for me.


This is the basic melody of the Close Encounters thing:


That tab is almost certainly in the wrong key buy if you take that and transpose it to the right key and re-finger it for tapping that should be more or less what he's playing.
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