Hey, I'll be getting a new guitar soonish. I've got up to £2000. Now, I was looking at a Les Paul Traditional, which I like very much. But, I've been browsing through Tele's and Strat's and realised I can get a high end Strat and a high end Tele for the price of one Les Paul. That's Gibson for you eh? Do you think I'll be better off with the Tele and Strat or the Les Paul? I play mainly rock, blues etc. I think I'll have more versatility with a strat and tele but I like the power the Les Paul has, and especially it's tone. What do you guys think?
get a high end strat and save the rest
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get a high end strat and a high end epiphone. problem solved

by high end Epiphone you mean Gibson right?
yeah i agree with everyone else here, problem with me is that i can't play very clean with a strat. If it were me i'd get a strat and maybe a SG standard give or take a few dollars.
Get a high end Schecter and use the rest on a wicked amp. (just my opinion though)

From those choices, I'd say get the Strat OR Tele, but not both, unless you just want to collect guitars or plan on having them in different tunings. If you just get one or the other, then you can direct your funds to other musical needs, like amps, strings, pedals, etc.
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Hmm, the tele I'd be after would be a '72 Deluxe Reissue. But that's around £700, which is easily doable, but I'm afraid that after I get used to it, it might feel a bit cheap... Cuz a high end Strat or Tele is maybe just over a grand yeah?
You won't get both a high end Strat & Tele for that money. You'll get the basic MIA 's. A high end Strat is the Deluxe and will run you around $400 - 600 less than a Trad Pro or Trad Plus.
Those two guitars (Fend & Gibs) are very different, I've had both so it really comes down to which type you like to play better. If you like LPs the Traditional is everything a Les Paul is upposed be short of the Custom Shop models at more 2x the price.
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get a high end PRS and spend the rest on an amp.
Buy used. U can get a Strat and a Gibson les paul.

Or if u want new, get a Fender and a Les Paul but not gibson. Get Tokais, Burnys etc.
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Get the nice Strat... and if you don't already have a great amp, then get that with it.
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I'll probably go for the Gibson. Very pricey but it's just much more visually appealing. It's brilliant for both lead and rhythm work. And it's got a good bit of weight to it, I can't stand light guitars.
I'd go with the Tele and the Strat. You get two guitars for the price of one LEs Paul.

For that kind of money, find a luthier with a good rep to build you something custom.
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i prefer strats BUT sometimes the les pauls give u a browny cream sound......mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Go used and get 2 good guitars.

And make sure you go shopping. There's nothing in common with a Les Paul and Strats/Teles. Also, there's a lot more out there than Gibson and Fender... I'd say just get to the store. If it catches your eye, play it.
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