I recently played a v3 at a guitar center through a legacy cab and it sounded amazing. I'm looking for that kind of mesa boogie sound. Just the high gain sound. My fav amps are mesas and my least favorite are marshalls but that really doesn't mean that I don't like el34 cause I also played the peavey 3120 and that amp is as good as the v3 but the v3 is more my style and it isn't as much $ since I can get one used for 600. Thats a pretty good deal right? My main questions are...since I won't buy it really soon the amp I played will prolly be gone sooooo what cab should i get? I would get the v3 cab but I can't find one used anywhere so I'd like to go for a cab that would work well and I could find used. And do you guys think this would be a smart buy? I play dream theater, metallica, iron maiden, alice in chains type stuff but classic and hard rock stuff like bon jovi, sabbath, zeppelin. I have a line 6 crap solid state amp now... and also what volume pedal and tuner would you suggest since I would need to buy each if I bought the amp. And pedalboards too? Thanks
Whats your budget for everything?

A good cheap pedal tuner is the GFS one. I think volume pedals are a waste.
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You could always get a V3 cab from Carvin. Since they sell direct all their stuff is relatively affordable.

As for the amp itself, there aren't too many people on here who have first hand experience with Carvin gear. I've got a couple of their amps (Legacy & XT112) but I've never played a V3. Anyways, you've had some sit down time with the amp you're interested in purchasing, you tell us if it worked for you.
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