I'd say the basic chords, major and minor/pentatonic/blues scales, and using a metronome when you practice or run scales is a good place to start.

Just remember to be patient. It's not something you can just acquire. It takes lots of hard work.
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as a lead guitarist i found it always important that i am capable of playing lead over a certain key. Start with chords, then go for scales, then try implementing them into songs, ect.
Basics first : basic chords,scale runs,like the pentatonic blues.
Then it helps if you learn basic rhythm to your favourite song.Then work it up to the lead parts,if there are 2 discernible guitars in the song.Then the main solo,if there again is one.The second parts will help with patience so youre learning that as well
I think the only essential thing with guitar would be learning chords. If you learn your chords inside out you can become a competent rhythm guitarist, and even if you know a few you can still play quite a few songs and play with other people.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
How to read music is the most important thing you can do, take your time in learning what every symbol means, once you know what it is telling you to do you can pretty much teach yourself. least thats what i did :P lol