Hey guys.

I own the ENGL Screamer 50 combo and I'm looking into buying a 4x12 cabinet - Can my combo function with such a large external speaker?
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it depends on the ohm's does it not? i asked a question like this not too long ago and they told me if my combo were say 16 ohms then i could hook up a 16ohm cab or two 8 ohm cabs. Not too sure though cause i was drunk at the time of reading it
On the back there are 4 inputs. 1x 8, 2x 8, 1x 16 and 2x16.
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EDIT: of course now I find a picture. You can get an 8 ohm mono cab and run in from either of the "8 ohms parallel" jacks, or a 16 ohm mono cab and run it from the left "16 ohm serial" jack. You could also get something at 8 ohms stereo and run two speaker cables from both of the 16 ohm serial jacks.

Make sense or no?
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I believe the cabinet I'm buying is a 4x12 8 ohm mono or 4 ohm stereo. Makes sense, Thanks.
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