Hey guys.
Well I bought my first drum set and the snare strainer doesn't work. I have no idea how its supposed to work or anything but anyways I move the arm up and down and it doesn't change a thing (it moves really easily). is it supposed to be bolted to something or something on the bottom? because mine is only connected on the top. Can someone explain how a snare strain is connected haha so I can figure out what is wrong with mine?
Don't you need to tighten something first? So when you put the thing down, it actually stretches the snare head?

I'm not sure, I'm just going by experience with my drummer.
bump. hmm I'm not sure. Haha I just need someone to explain how to connect a snair strainer or something along those lines so I can figure out what is actually wrong with mine. Because I'm pretty sure it just isn't connected right and I can't find a single thing about snare strainers on google <>.<>
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there are tons of different styles of snare strainers. post pics of your shiz.
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Yeah, pictures would help. While the levers down, leaving it slack, tighten it however yours allows. Once you've got it nice and tight, put the lever back up.
Oh, and you might have to retie the strings on it.
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