Any thoughts on this 10 Band EQ? Can i get that Kerry King tone? I'm planning to get this very soon with a Peavey Valveking or Peavey Windsor (whichever sounds best for me since I'm a big Slayer and Metallica guy).
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for a KK tone, you'd really need to buy his sig amp head, its stock modded to eb the same as his as his old JCM 800.

or, you could get a used JCM 800 and have it modded if cash is an issue
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It is a great EQ, but you really don't need the KK version unless you plan on running your setup in stereo. Just buy the regular 10 band. Same exact thing just cheaper because it doesn't have the stereo jack spot and no tribal design.

Will it instantly get you that KK tone? NO. But it will get it closer to that sound than the amp will on its own.

To really get his tone you will need a modded JCM 800 or his signature amp head.
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