I finished my song And as I stated before, due to a problem with my GP I can't hear what I've made so I'd be eternally thankfull if someone could post a midi file of it please Thanks

I have no idea how it sounds or what genre it is I couldn't hear what I was making so I expect some dissonance somewhere

P.S. The Drums and bass are just temporary, until I hear how it sounds Im not that Lazy




P.S. The Bracketed part is the subtitle of the song This song takes its name and subtitle from lyrics I wrote, which are in the lyrics section of the score information
Bohemian Grove..gp5
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Uh, lol.

You wrote this without hearing what you were writing?

I'm impressed honestly, it sounds pretty damn nice to me!

Looking at your username location (in the court of the Crimson King) I can imagine you're a fan of King Crimson, and actually this kind of reminds me of their smoother kind of stuff, like Epitaph.

Throughout the song there's a couple of leads that sound a bit disjointed, and the notes ringing out for a long time get annoying, but the basis for the song is really nice. If you polished those leads and made them accentuate the backing better it could be something really interesting, it has potential.

Can't really expect a crit from the comment I made you but if you want, check out my uber folder.