I'm heading to my local store to buy a fuzz pedal tomorrow, something in the £100-£200 range, and no real genre/style restrictions except i'd like it also work well if used with a keyboard.

Any recommendations.
Way Huge Swollen Pickle or Blackout Effectors Muskett.
I've got the Swollen Pickle. I like it quite a lot more than the other vanilla fuzz pedals I've tried.
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I've got sometime before i head out to shop today, any more recommendations i want to go in and try a load of gear.
Is it entirley essential to work well with a keyboard? and would you consider buying online?
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Zvex Vexter Series Fuzz Factory


They are a lot easier to use than people make them out to be, plus are incredibly versatile, can do pretty much every fuzz sound, and can be used with any conceivable musical instrument with a 1/4" Jack (Electric Drumkit + FF = End of world ) and still sound good.