So I got surprissed and got an Epiphone Les Paul Standard ( ohhh eye candy, shiny..)
Well the things a beast I always wanted one.
The problem is I ALWAYS got my guitars from other people ( used ) and ofc. they were all set-up to play.

This one was straight out of the box- lower fret BUZZ, and they buzz horribly, not to mention the stock strings ewww...
Since i dont mess around with guitar gear other than changing strings, any advice on how to self-fix the buzzing or should i get it to a Guitar-doctor to fix it all up ?
It seems you just need to adjust a few screws on the bridge, each string has one screw, but remembering my awful previous experience ( i messed with the truss rod... oh my the horror...)
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Each string has one screw, true, but that's for the intonation which you mostly just have to change when you swap to a different gauge of strings.

The easiest way for you to get rid of the buzz is to raise action. With a tune-o-matic bridge such as yours you use a"flat" screwdriver on the bigger screws which raise and lower the bridge. As much as you need, but remember how much you raised it so you can return to factory settings if it doesn't help. Most likely it will.

A more advanced thing (well, slightly) is to adjust the truss rod. This you'll have to do if the neck is too straight. Instructions for testing this are found online. And so is how to do it as well. Pretty simple if done in small increments..

Try adjusting the height of bridge first.

JJ1565 has a sticky on setup info.....
You can also buy some really good books on how to take care of your guitar. Dan Erlewine's "Guitar Player Repair Guide" is excellent.
Moving on.....