This is a blue type song. Actually, if you guys have any suggestions for a good chorus, I'd really like to hear them.

I know I have three pieces on the front page, but I'm pretty sure I'm still in accordance with the rules.

"Icarus Dress"

Twenty-two nickels full of gas through the West
With a window full of sun in my Icarus dress
Lookin for a dime to get my veins full of wine
Tip my hat to the body lyin at the city line

Wheels crushing bones as I roll through the droves
Latchkey babies with dirt around their nose
Eyein my plates like I'm wearing a disguise
Knowing by the letters that I'm full of city lies

Shotgun weddings at the chapel in the sun
With an open-flask minister since 1941
A crucifix mile before the turnstile
Nails for the palms of anyone who needs style

I thought it'd be more like the movie.
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