So, back with another cover! This one is the song Times Like These by the Foo Fighters, with only voice and one guitar. I'm not the biggest fan of my own voice on this song in some spots, but in others I think I did a fairly good job...

Its on my profile, which is here:

On another note, the original I put up earlier has been taken down to be worked on further, and possibly re-recorded. I threw it up pretty prematurely.

C4C as always! I look forward to hearing back from y'all!
Sounds pretty good, though your vocals could definitely use work. Also, I though the vocals were a wee bit loud at parts.
It wasn't bad.
The guitar was good.
The vocals could use some work though.
But not bad!
Check out my vidoe please.
First of all, the foos are amazing! Great cover, i really enjoyed listening to this one as I haven't heard it in a while!

Firstly, guitars are recorded very well and fluently done. Could be turned up a bit, as they seem to be a bit too much in the background.
Vocals are excellent, seem a bit uneven at times so perhaps stick a compressor on it - also i'd stick a tad of reverb of reverb on them. Love the grit you get, although make sure you don't strain yourself too much!

Keep it up!