Alright, so I'm at a crossroads. I think I've found the guitar that I'm looking for.


But, I've found a guitar that's pretty damn similar, a cost's about two thirds of the price:


The main differences I've seen in the MP-600 is the fret size, fretboard/inlay, neck thru neck joint, neck wood, locking tuners, and a Tone Pros locking bridge. My question is, is it worth it to put down the extra cash for the MP-600, or am I better off saving money with the V-300? Thanks for the help guys!

BTW, I'm not a really a Bullet fan. I like a couple songs, but I'm not a huge fan
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I'd propably save the cash. It's obvious where the price difference comes from, though. So, up to you.
What kind of amp do you have, any improvements needed there? Just wondering what you'll do with the extra bucks.. if you're not tight on cash why not make the investment.
The MP is a 600 series, the V is a 300, that's got as much to do with the price as it being some no name's signature model.
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My friend Caleb owns the MP guitar and he is in love with it.
Judging from the specs, I can see that the pick ups are different.
The bridge seems a lot more reliable as do the tuners.
Plus the inlay on the MP looks insane.
But it's all up to you, but I've heard the neck on the MP is very thin as well.

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