Does anybody know what's the best classical guitar out there? People have been giving me lots of brands: Fender, yamaha, Alvarez and Cordoba but i honestly have no idea, any suggestions??
Alhambra 3C's not a bad guitar, for about that price, maybe a bit more. We have one here and it has a pretty good classical sound to it. Not canny or tinny at all, nice and warm.
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Realize that at that price, you're looking for an entry-level instrument at best.... Not "the best".
If you want the absolute best in classical guitars, you stop going to brand names and start looking for luthiers. Greg Smallman's guitars would probably be the equivalent of the Steinways in the piano world. Smallman guitars set you back around 25K AUD I'm not sure of their American price but I'm sure it's much more considering Smallman's an Aussie brand.

When you get past the 4P model in Alhambra guitars, the ratio of quality to cost starts to tilt and you get less quality for a higher cost but anything up to the 4P model are good.