Hey guys, just a quick question...I've just bought guitar pro, and like, i was wondering, is it a feasible and efficient option for like, a band member to write something on guitar pro, send the midi file round, and email the tabs to the other members?
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Much easier if everyone in the band has Guitar Pro. The midi and tab way is also good but try get the others to get Guitar Pro.
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As long as the other people in your band are comitted and will learn the songs then it's great!
I don't see any reason why not provided all your band members have computers and the will to use it.
Assuming everybody is using GuitarPro (or TuxGuitar, the free alternative), it should work fine.

EDIT: Misread the original post, but it is still much easier if everybody is using either GuitarPro or TuxGuitar.
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Or just send them the guitar pro file would work but then everyone in your band has to have gp. My band writes all of our stuff in gp and then send the gp files to eachother
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It works great in my band, we don't have to use our practice time to learn songs, just to polish them.
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i do the same, it simplifies everything. write something, then send it on over to the other band members, with tuxguitar.
Even if the others don't have guitar pro they could still use Tuxguitar ( i think that's what it's called), iirc you can't edit the song with it though, but if the others aren't very good at song writing, it's a good way to distribute your own material throughout the band OR make sure that everyone is learning the same version of a cover.

My band don't use it but I can print out the tabs which come with the rhythm and any other notes which makes it useful. I can't advise you to illegally download it but it is quite expensive..
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I find it hard to write solely in Guitar Pro and it honestly feels like it stunts my creativity. But then again, I've never been that great at writing music. Myself and my new guitarist both use it to learn material and to orchestrate ideas, but our other guitarist and drummer don't. What we have been doing, however, is putting all of our material into Guitar Pro so it's easier to layout, to discuss, and certainly, to learn and practice. It's a very nice tool, I just wouldn't completely rely on it.
My band uses it a lot - while we don't tend to write parts directly into it, it means you can jot down little ideas for riffs and beats, then come back to them, work parts together, and so on, and basically write songs online. For three years half the band has been at university in a different country, so being able to write songs without being in the same room was pretty critical.

Personally, I'd strongly recommend using it at least as a memory aid, and it helps people write parts to original music in their own time - keeping more time for practicing when you're all together, because the songs are already mostly done.