Hey, everyone! I've got a brand new piece completed and I'm looking for some suggestions on how to improve it a little more. I'm happy with some parts, but not too happy about others. I'm wondering if the song flows well enough and if the horn parts fit okay. Be harsh and honest

The Gathering.zip
The Gathering v2.zip
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Gotta say, loved it
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it's good but is this animals as leaders songwriting thing becoming a fad or what? it's like half of the instrumentals here sound the same
Quote by Kirborg
it's good but is this animals as leaders songwriting thing becoming a fad or what? it's like half of the instrumentals here sound the same

I think it's that we're all listening to the same bands now (Meshuggah, Peripheyr, AAL, etc.). Though (at least the main 3 or 4 I see doing it) are all taking it in different directions.

I personally think they all bring something different to the table And I think mine at least sound a bit different.

Onto the crit:

It definitely fits the concept. I could see this being played at like a gathering, especially the piano bit towards the end. I love it by the way. The stops for a measure, while kind of unsettling, add a lot to the song once the band comes in. Though, once it does, I have to admit that the octave E (like in Bars 215 and 216) seem kind of invasive and it cuts through the mix too much. It detracts from everything else just a little bit.

I love the little slidey things you like to do (like at bar 115). It makes an interesting sound and sounds very good. Very "poppy" (and not the genre).

The first solo section was intense. I loved it. I think it could benefit from having a full on snare though and not the side stick. Especially with some jazzy fills here and there, lots of ghost notes, riding the ride. It would add a lot.

The guitar solo. I loved it. Very good phrasing, and I love the ostinato tapping section that ends it. And that's a good way to end the song too.

As for the outro, I feel that you should have it fade out, especially considering it's the last of 3 parts. The fade-out would just be awesome.

All in all? It's a very good song. Very strong. It's got some parts that I'd change (mentioned ^), but it's very good. Very you too, so that's good. My main problem with it (and most of your music, for that matter)? You rarely repeat things, so they don't get stuck in your head. That's what separates good prog from great prog. The ability to repeat things without it getting old. The ability for the music to get stuck in your head, even if the sig changes 500,000 times.

If I were you (and I'm working on this too), I'd try figuring out how I could repeat a part, but make it different, and repeat a melody, but not have it get old. Have it get stuck in your head. Even if you don't want to repeat parts, a great melody can be repeated throughout different sections (or just once in some cases!) and STILL get stuck in your head.

I give you a 9.5/10 :]
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