ok, i'm a nerd and i loves me some mega man so when me animation teacher told me about the protomen i was like "what" and i had to check em out. and well, i was quite amazed there stuff pwns. just youtube the protomen and listen to vengeance and the will of one, matter fact just listen to all of it you'll like it. they remind me of coheed and cambria a bit.

also on my search for protomen music i found the megas another band about mega man i was pretty geeked about hem too.

here i will link some stuff

the Protomen - The Will Of One

The Protomen - Vengeance

The Megas - The Message From Dr. Light V2(Level Select)

The Megas/Entertainment System - Look What You've Done (Dr. Wily)

So what do you think. Also anyone else know of some good video game music that has lyrics (not a fan of music that doesn't have lyrics)
You should check out Game Over and brentalfloss if you like VG music with lyrics. IMHO Game Over does the best VG music covers with lyrics.