"Pathfinder- Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time
“A New Standard in Symphonic Metal”

When you think of symphonic power metal, the names Rhapsody, Dark Moor, Nightwish all come to mind almost instinctually. Well, get ready to add another name amongst these genre visionaries, because a few more albums and Pathfinder will be amongst the elites, if not mentioned as the definitive band in the genre. Listening to this album, its hard to believe this is a band’s debut. I stumbled upon Pathfinder’s demo early last year, and after giving it a listen, I knew we were going to be hearing about them again. But even this was unexpected. Its uncanny for a band to have this much cohesion so quickly, and it rarely ever happens. Compound that with the fact that these guys are from Poland(Not exactly known for their power metal prowess) and you have a complete metal anomaly here.

I might as well cut to the chase and start with the orchestral elements of this album. Because they are absolutely spectacular and on a level few have reached in the metal genre. There are full on Orchestral movements going on throughout this whole album. This isn’t just French horns and a section of strings in the background for atmosphere. The Orchestral movements here command your attention. Sweeping movements progress the music along with the traditional instruments instead of following along, highlighting the talent of band founder and main composer Arkadius Ruth. There are orchestral passages on this album that will get stuck in your head for days. “The Lord of Wolves” and “Pathway to the Moon” are great examples.

The other half of the composing duo is lead guitarist Karol Mania, who is no slouch when it comes to his axe. The riffing is pretty much standard sympho-power riffs, but its on the solos where he shines. Blistering guitar solos that hold there own against the afore mentioned symphonic elements. Also worth noting are the vocals provided by Szymon Kostro. They aren’t anything out of this world, but I like how they compliment the music. His accent sticks through subtly. Sometimes more than others, but never really detracts from the instruments, and his ability to go from mid-range to high instantly is something to be admired. While on the topic of vocals, I should also mention one of the few negative aspects of this album. The Harsh vocals on this album are pretty bad. Thankfully they are hardly used. Only in two songs, and they are rarely used in those songs so they aren’t prevalent enough to distract the listener. Finding a talented harsh vocalist would be a nice addition, but with the scarcity with which they happen, the band probably felt it wasn’t necessary.

Another downside to this album is its length. Its rare to find an album with more than 10 tracks that doesn’t have a couple filler songs. Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time is 14 tracks, and even though one is an intro and 2 are short interludes, I would have been fine with them cutting out a few of the actual tracks. One of which could be the ballad, which is totally overshadowed by the rest of the songs on the album. I know its pretty much an obligation to have a ballad on these albums, and sometimes we get good ballads. This is not one of them. Maybe next time. Speaking of obligatory symphonic album elements, we have the intro, and the epic 10+ album closer. The intro is over 3 minutes long, and at first will seem excessive, intros are for the most part, pointless, and never really do what they are supposed to do; set the tone. This intro however, is enjoyable, and I still have yet to skip it. The title track is the album closer and clocks in at over 10 minutes and it is epic. This is an absolute joy, and leaves the listener disappointed that the album has finally come to an end. The opening vocal arrangement to this song is one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever heard. That, added with the instrumentals backing it is pretty much a microcosm of the entire album in a span of 40 seconds.

In conclusion, we have the exact same scenario with any great power metal album. If you are a fan of Euro power metal you will love this album. No one else will. A shame really.

Final rating: 94%"

I copied it from another power metal forum. This band has delivered something amazing. So spectacular that it will shake the earth with the years to come.
When's their split with Black Witchery out?
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