I need help with a wiring diagram but i cant find one anywhere and i have look on the seymour duncan website.

Its a 3 pickup les paul with a 6 way switch and if its posible 3 push pulls on the volumes for Bridge coil tap neck coil tap and middle coil tap

Switch wired like this
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Anyways, is this something you're making yourself, or something that's already been done?
If it's something that's already been done, what's the name of the guitar? Where is this even from?

How are the controls wired? vol/vol/vol/master tone?
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You won't find a diagram for that but look at one for a normal guitar and should be able to do something with that if you've any experiance.
ts, you need to be much more clear with your question

that switch (to those who dont know) is from stewmac, and they have wiring diagrams on their site.

head over to the wiring thread for more help, but be more specific..

what brand are the pickups? you have 3 volumes but do you have any tones?
Yeah it's possible, just run the hots to that switch like normal, then connect the series link to the push-pull switch on the pot so it is grounded when it is pulled up. Repeat as necessary.

Any follow up questions can be answered in the Ultimate Guitar Wiring Thread


Its some thing i want to do on my epi les paul black beauty 3. It has 3 volumes 1 tone. pickups are stock but i will get new ones if needed. Was looking to do something that was a mix between both of jimmy pages signiture gibson models
Fender 300ce
Aria strat
Custom les paul