Im building a pedal and wanted to have two toggle dpdt switches to switch diodes and LEDs in and out of the circuit, the switches would have two LED indicators next to it to show which component is connected.

Will this work?
using that layout, when the switch is on, the diodes/LEDs will be in the circuit and the LED on, but when the switch is in the off position the LED is off and the diodes/LED is bypassed? Any input is appreciated. Thanks
why do you need both a Diode and a Light Emitting Diode?


its a fuzz pedal, im building just for the fun of it and since i have all the parts and an unused enclosure. so i was gonna put the diodes and and LEDs in sockets so i could try diff combinations and just fool around with it. oh and the LED in that small diagram is an indicator LED to let me know that the diodes are in the circuit