Normally, I'd say posting about Linkin Park would fit the Modern Rock forums, but after hearing the new single, 'The Catalyst,' I'm not sure I shouldn't be in electronica. Has anyone heard the new song? Thoughts?

My thoughts: What? Really? THIS is the new sound? *knocks back a shot* Nope, still sucks. *knocks back another shot* Nope, still terrible. *grabs the bottle of Jack*
Good God. This song is just BAD. I couldnt even believe it. And why the hell would this be the first SINGLE? The radio doesnt even play this kind of stuff...maybe on the DANCE station...god, they have died...
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ive been a fan of LP since i heard Faint and i was addicted to LP ever since. I loved Minutes To Midnight i thought it was as good as Hybrid theory.... but this is so ewwww. If this represents the album then its probaly not even worth it to even torrent it -_-
Great song!!!!!!!! everyone who says otherwise!!!!!
It's ROCK... can't you hear. Rock isn't defined by instruments but the rythm and music. If you think it's electronica you're just deaf!!!

new Linkin Park FTW!!!!
I'm into all kinds of music including techno so I liked the song.

All of us fans asked for more Mr Hahn, and we got it. And plus, it's nice to see Mike Shinoda taking his singing to a whole new level. Back then he would sing softly but in this song, he sang significantally louder and more powerful.
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Personally I liked the song. Could have used more, if any, guitar but it's definitely a lot less soft sounding than the last album. Plus it's nice to hear Mr. Hahn actually getting some time in the spotlight here. I have no idea if this represents the whole album but according to the band, the album has "a better thread of consistency" so I'd probably expect more of this type of stuff, which will probably mean a lot of hate toward the album.
Honestly, I liked LP a lot before, they had great songs like One Step Closer, and so on. But this?! They changed way too much. I'm sure I won't listen to them anymore. The Catalyst, for me, sounds like a wannabe mainstream song, not in nu, but in POP. I'm sorry they only wanted fame and no real needs to make good nu.
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I like LP. They have many improvement about sound and make everything by themselves.
Musci video , Production. The Catalyst is a step of them.
I follow them onward.
I like Linkin Park.

I even like many songs from Minutes to Midnight.

I think the new song is really good, other than the lyrics (and their lyrics usually suck, but some of Shinoda's lyrics are good)

I don't know how people call Linkin Park generic musicains and I don't know how you can say they are sell outs.

Bring it bitches.