I'm sick as a penguin in July,
if I go three minutes without coughing
I get this buildup of phlegm in my throat
and it's just disgusting.
My nose is clogged up
with a Hoover Dam of snot,
I've taken at least a zillion milligrams of
benadryl in the last 24 hours.

Anyway I'm getting on this plane
a big plane
and start walking back to my seat,
passing by the first class
I notice the seats
completely engulf people.
Some of them are already ordering meals
or sleeping.
So fucking smug,
all of them.

I cough without covering my mouth as much as possible before the
flow of people carries me back to my business class shit-wad seat.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
I liked the sense of being a person caught in between being a child and slightly more "sophisticated" (try to take the description "tweener" without offense). Parts that gave me this feeling of a growth-battle was the use of seemingly adolescent words such as "zillion", "snot", "big plane", and some of the curses. The opening line was great as it lays down both the sickness and alienation.