Are they worth looking into? My friend showed me his BOSS ME-25 and it's pretty sweet, but somethings just seem too good to be true. What would the downsides be?
And what would you recommend for me? I play everything from Pink Floyd to All That Remains, but I tend to stay play a majority of metal

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effect pedal have alot of effects
i guess the only downside is that they dont usually sound as good as a single effect pedal but the huge amount of effects makes up for that
also you might be paying for alot oof effects your not going to use
They're definitely worth it if you think you'd use it often. Plus, it eliminates having too many pedals on your board/floor getting cluttered and cuts down on energy and multiple cables. The sound quality (As stated above) isn't as good as using the singular forms of its effects, but it can run multiple effects simultaneously to give you a great sound whether it be for crisp cleans or grinding metal. Also, when you get into the higher end multi-effect pedals, you get MUCH better sound and of courses more general uses.
Digitech RP series. I have a 255, it is AWESOME. Has any tone you need, fully editable, you can download new tones because they add more on a weekly basis.